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"It’s not easy these days to forge socially involved work that doesn’t replace modernist ambiguity or postmodern relativism with univocal propaganda—that seeks to raise political issues without insulting the viewer’s intelligence. Maureen Cummins’s seven pieces at Artemisia Gallery speak out on familiar subjects using familiar means, but her very straightforwardness, combined with often elegant presentations, is convincing." Chicago Reader "Maureen Cummins’s The Flag Project is a passionate inquiry into the connection between personal and national conditions. Her textual and graphic transformations of the iconography of contemporary American life address the most pressing question of our times: how do we make the political personal? Public discourse has so long ago become divorced from any relation to the real and has so foreclosed any space for individual intervention that it positions us all outside its symbolic machinations. To recover any possibility of efficacy, we must ask how we are being produced as subjects of history, and how the assumptions that govern our daily lives are guided by ideologies so pervasive they have become invisible. By rematerializing these in graphic form, and inscribing the image of the flag (as template, metaphor, and diagrammatic structure for organizing a conceptual space of investigation), Cummins has produced a project that exposes the difficulties and realities of our lived condition."  Johanna Drucker, afterimage
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